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Pattern: Polarity Sorting

1. Access polarity #1, anchor, note specific words used.

2. Access polarity #2, anchor, note specific words used.

3. Elicit positive outcome and meta-outcome of each: What will that do for you, and what will that do for you?... Go until you get nominalizations.

4. As you go, anchor each, using their anchors, and the same one.

Notes: Keep them on track - When they are talking about Polarity 1 or its meta-outcomes, interrupt them any time they try to introduce anything from Polarity 2. The object is to make a clean sort.

Examples of use:

  • I really want to join the Peace Corps, but I really want to stay home and care for my aging parents.
  • I really want this hunk of chocolate cake, but I really want to lose about 170 pounds!
  • I really want this cigarette, but I would really rather keep my last two working lung cells...

At this point, the polarities should be fairly distinctly sorted.

To anchor the now sorted polarities to a location, fire the anchor associated with that polarity/outcome while directing attention and anchoring to a new spot, such as the palm of a hand, as in the Visual Squash, below.

Pattern: Visual Squash

1. Access side #1, place sort in one hand

2. Access side #2, place sort in other hand

3. Have each side acknowledge and appreciate the meta-outcomes of the other.

4. INTEGRATE: Visual Squash: "As you look straight ahead, I invite you to begin to bring these two parts together, only as fast as these two parts can join together to create something new".

5. Associate with new, integrated third part by having client physically draw their hands (now together) into themselves- usually chest, etc., wherever feels correct for them.

6. Future pace - "See/hear/feel the changes this new part will bring into your life..." "where it will be able to <meta outcome 1> and <meta outcome 2>..." (where it will be able to "feel useful" and "experience excitement", for example).

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