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I could pose a very real danger to your organization: I will create employees that think for themselves. I will create individuals with intelligent opinions, educated viewpoints, and the audacity to feel free to speak their mind. I will create individuals who are no longer afraid to speak out if they disagree with the way something is being done. I will create individuals who are keenly aware of their value, and the value of their skills and experience. And their transportability. And their options.

The new business model demands that corporations who wish to have anything other than an epitath in the new millennium, must be aware that the old ways of managing are having the life crushed out of them by the changing dynamics of our information based society. Those organizations that can't tolerate the new climate, will simply fail.

I understand the new paradigm. I run two businesses, this and an internet presence provider. I work with businesses from small sole-proprietorships to multinational conglomerates. I know how business works, and I know how the human mind works. I can make them both work together, harmoniously, successfully, profitably.

The choices you make now for your business will set its course for the next several years. Those years are going to bring you into either the next major phase of your business, or its demise. Think carefully of the choices you make.

David Julian Xanatos

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