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Pattern: Change Personal History

This pattern is often called the "de-buttonizer", as in when someone or something is pushing someone's buttons. This pattern is useful for altering the way we or a client respond to a given stimulus. If we are responding in a habitual, unresourceful, unrewarding manner, this pattern can help us access states of greater resources, allowing us to break unhealthy cycles and patterns in our relationships with others.

  • Identify Problem State: Preferably in one word, like "Judgement"
  • Anchor Problem State
  • Break State. Example: notice their shoes and compliment them, something -out in left field-.
  • Identify Resource State: Also, preferable a single word, usually the inverse of the problem state word. Example: Accepted.
  • FULLY Access and anchor Resource State
  • Integration:
    • Take these resources (fire anchor 1) into this (fire anchor 2) old situation... and notice... how different... it is... nowwww.
      Hold both anchors while integration begins, and release anchor 1 (problem state) just a little bit before the resource anchor is released.
  • Test anchor 1 (problem state); notice that it should be different (watch their physiology). If not, repeat the process, stacking more, and more powerful resource anchors.
  • Future Pace. What will it be like, when you've been doing this in this new way for maybe 6 months, looking back on what was like to have had that problem, how does it seem different, now?
  • A possible resource: If it is a person pushing the client's buttons, have the client see clearly (or alt. representational system) the INTENT of the other person.

Often, it is best to have someone trained in NLP to walk you through this pattern. Experience can shed some light on the areas that aren't entirely clear. If anything sounds a little confusing, give yourself plenty of time to think about it and you'll figure it out. If you have any questions, E-mail me and I'll help you as time permits.

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