Xanatos DNA to Protein Transcription Tool

Enter the DNA sequence here (with or without spacing) and be sure to select whether you are coding from the SENSE STRAND or the ANTI-SENSE STRAND, then click either Transcribe button. The mRNA sequence will appear below, and if an open reading frame start (aug) is found, the corresponding Peptide sequence will be output in the third window, and the protein sequence will appear in the fourth. You may then copy the relevant sections out for use in whatever other function you need.


  • If you just want to test out the functionality, click here to fill the DNA Antisense box with a code section (92564 bp, Accession AY007685, hTERT telomerase catalytic subunit, chromosome 5), then click the Transcribe button to complete the process.
  • You can also try out the process manually using this Amino Acid Codon Chart (this one comes from the University of Utah, but there are hundreds available online.)
  • Keep in mind this may be an oversimplification of the whole process. An excellent description of the limitations of this setup are discussed in this University of Arkansas at Little Rock paper. It is because of these considerations that all of the output peptide sequences show the initial "M" in parentheses.
  • For now, this works best on a laptop or desktop; handheld device performance varies in display layout.

DNA Sequence goes here: Select SENSE or ANTISENSE

mRNA Transcription appears here:

Peptide Sequence (if any) appears here:

Amino Acid Sequence (if any) appears here:


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