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About Xanatos Enterprises

Xanatos Enterprises was founded in 1996 by David Julian Xanatos. Xanatos Enterprises consists of the following divisions:

XANATOS.COM: Specializes in custom website development, and custom programming, for desktop and mobile internet environments. We also offer advanced video production services for web, broadcast, or DVD.

XANATRONICS: Specializes in custom embedded, and usually wireless, electronic control systems for industrial, aerospace and transportation applications. We work extensively with microcontroller based systems to craft custom solutions and specialize in multiple independent controls from a single point of operation - the "impossible" requests.

XANETICS: The research arm of Xanatos Enterprises, Xanetics specializes in biotechnology with an emphasis on Telomere Genetics and the possible indefinite extension of the human health span. Xanetics is a private research concern. For more information, see the page or contact us.