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There was a time when man took no more than he needed.

That time is gone.

There was a time when he gave something back.

That time is gone.

There was a time when he worshipped the creator and honored creation.

That time, too, is gone.

And now the waters are polluted, our natural resources are all but gone and creation is dying.

It is time... to find our way back to the earth.

Deb Hayes, Earthshine, Workshops, herbal talks, seminars, apprenticeships...  creating health in a toxic world.

Earthshine Schedule

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2012 Workshops and Talks:

March 6: Healthy Eating
Sturbridge Federated Church

April 12: Nourishing Soups for All Seasons
Sturbridge Senior Center

Healthy Cooking Series: Yellow House Community Center for Learning, Palmer, MA

May 3: The Basics of a Healthy Kitchen
May 10: Healthy Cooking with Herbs
May 17: Nutrient Powerhouses: Vegetables, Fruits, Salads and their Dressings
May 24: Versatile Whole Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds
June 7: Wholesome Snacks and Desserts

May 5: Herb Gardening
Yellow House Community Center for Learning

May 14: Simple Herbal Remedies
Sturbridge Senior Center

June 16: Creating Health for Our Children in a Toxic World
Yellow House Community Center for Learning

Class Descriptions

The Basics of a Healthy Kitchen
Good health starts in the kitchen and that’s where we’ll start. We’ll talk about a “Spring Cleaning” of your kitchen, pantry and refrigerator. Then, in depth, how to restock them with the best possible nutrient-rich food and condiments, as well as safer cooking and storage options. We’ll cover what to look for and what to avoid when shopping, and how to read those labels. We’ll also discuss the difference between the average diet and a truly whole food nutritious one, as we cook up some nourishing dishes. This class will be jam packed with helpful information to help you on your journey to creating a healthier life.

Healthy Cooking with Herbs
Herbs not only add delicious flavors to your food but they also add a wide spectrum of nutritional and health benefits to your everyday meals. In this popular class, I’ll be cooking up some tasty nutritious dishes as I share their many benefits and how you can use them in your own cooking.

Nutritional Powerhouses: Vegetables, Fruits, Salads and their Dressings.
Veggies and Fruits provide a treasure trove of health benefits for our bodies. They supply crucial micronutrients that nourish, protect, heal and energize us. They are also the critical food group most lacking from almost everyone’s diet. In this class we will discuss ways to get more of these nutrient rich powerhouses into your daily routine as we put together some fresh tasty dishes.

The Versatile Beans, Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds.
We will discuss the many benefits of a variety of common and uncommon whole grains, legumes, seeds and proteins. Real whole grains and beans have been a staple food for thousands of years for many cultures. They are inexpensive, versatile, and provide a variety of nutrients. We will discuss the benefits, use and cooking methods for these important foods as I put together some nutritious dishes.

Wholesome Snacks and Desserts.
Nutritious Snacks can be an important part of a healthy diet, providing nutrients and energy while keeping our blood sugar stable until our next meal. And yes, wholesome desserts, in moderation, can also be included as an occasional treat. In this class we’ll discuss the more healthful tasty options for snacks and desserts, as well as alternative sweeteners, as we whip up some sweet delights.

Herb Gardening.
Using fresh herbs brings a fresh energy not only to the foods to which they are added, but also to the people who consume them. Herbs not only add wonderful fragrance and taste, but also an array of nutritional benefits. This class will cover the basics you will need to start or expand your own herb garden or container. Growing needs, as well as usage and benefits of these wonderful plants will be covered as we pass around several of these herbs for you to experience.

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