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Video on your Web Site

Video is the most compelling method of conveying information available today. With the proliferation of devices that can support it, and the exponential increases in connection speeds and storage space, video has again become a viable means for communicating powerfully with your audience. No longer reserved for television, you can broadcast your message to a global audience.

Today, almost anyone with a video camera can make a video and post it to YouTube. But if you compare a self-produced video with a professionally-produced video production, you can see the difference in the impact and effectiveness.

Xanatos.com has the capability to produce professional quality video, from simple introductions, to product spotlights, to 15 or 30 second (or longer) commercials, to longer presentations for product demonstrations, video tutorials, location tours, or whatever your imagination can create.

Using state-of-the-art software not available to the average developer or amateur videographer, Xanatos.com can composite multi-layered video, including "green-screen" keying techniques, with stills, graphics and audio/voiceover tracks to make your message stand up, stand out and kick - ask us how to Get Started Today!

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