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Great job Dave!!!!! A long time ago I learned to surround myself with the best and the brightest. Now you know why I like you.
Ed Maxwell, Eastern States Associates

Testimonial letter for Xanatos.com from Monson Arts Council - click to read

WOW! This is great! You are awesome! You have been invaluable to us. We sincerely thank you David.
Sandra C. Gittleman, Artist

Thanks to the talents and persistence of our webmaster, David Xanatos, artists can now register and provide their [art] submissions electronically. This is a tremendous asset to our organization because we have registrations coming in from all over the Northeast. ... In addition to all the support David is giving to the Art Show Committee, he has also done a great deal to keep the website current and highly functional. He has made it possible for members to sign up online and pay their annual dues using PayPal, and he updates the site content regularly to keep our members informed about all of our activities and events. Our website is a great resource for the community, and I personally want to acknowledge all the hard work and creativity that is necessary for us to achieve that goal. Heartfelt thanks for all you do, Dave.
Cindy Nothe, President, Monson Arts Council

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