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Useful Links

Professional Links

The sites linked below are organizations that I have found useful in designing clients' sites and in learning new technologies:

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
These are the people who make the standards for code and content display on the web. They are the final word on what will be considered "official" for how websites are to be built.

W3C Markup Validator
A tool to allow you to verify if your code is conforming to W3C standards. Note that sometimes, embedded fallbacks (backward-compatibility fallbacks) such as embedded Flash for non-HTML5 browsers, will show errors.

Browser, OS and Screen Statistics
Here's a place to get a good idea of who is using what, and what they are viewing it with. Browser types, OS types, screen sizes.

Free PNG files
A great resource for high-quality PNG files for rabdom projects. Images, buttons, backgrounds. Sometimes, it's just what you need!

Free Public-Domain Classical Music mp3 files
A huge selection of beautifully performed classical music that is free, public domain, royalty free. mp3 format for easy downloading and compositing into audio/video web productions. The background music on this site came from this link.

Add your URL to Google
Just what it says - add your website URL to Google.

Check Domain Name Ownership, Availability
COnvenient resource to check domain name ownership, hosting and availability information.

Causes I Support

...and in some cases, I support them enough to build and maintain their websites for free. Not all of the sites below were built by me, however. Check the bottoms of the sites to see if it was a XANATOS Creation.

New England Peace Pagoda
These people are dedicated entirely to Global Peace. The sponsor LONG walks (like Boston to Washington, DC) to call attention to their cause. They operate entirely on donations. I have walked with these people, and I fully support their cause. A Xanatos created site.

Monson Arts Council
Also a site I created and maintain as a donation to the Council. I frequently act in the local community theater here, and I feel a sense of stewardship to the council. This way I have saved the council money that can be better spent on lighting and sound for the theater!

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations. NOT a Xanatos created site, but I support these people financially through occasional donations.

Personal Links

The sites linked below are mostly friends, family or causes I believe in - or just stuff I find interesting:

Earthshine Workshops
Dedicated to educating people on living a much more healthful life by more healthful eating, and how to avoid the minefield of toxins so prevalent in our environment today. Earthshine offers workshops, seminars, slideshows, and talks of all kinds, for all sizes of organizations or individuals.

S.P.I.N.E: Society for Paranormal Investigations of New England
If you feel you need help with paranormal activity in your home or commercial property, please contact us. We are a professional organization dedicated to using the most up-to-date and scientific methods and devices to conduct thorough and conclusive investigations. My good friend Tom runs this organization.

Laser Enthusiast
If you happen to share a fascination with lasers and what can be done with them, and especially if you happen to enjoy tinkering with them, and building them in all their many colored beauty (you could be the first guy on your block to have a BLUE laser pointer, now who wouldn't want that? :) ) then check out www.laserenthusiast.com and you'll see the light!

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