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System Design

Xanatronics approach to custom system design is simple: Find out what you need, and make it happen. Quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost than you expect.

We have a wide range of technology choices to employ in service to your applications. Whether you need position sensing and motion control, control of multiple systems or just one, sensing of gasses, temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, voltage, current, resistance, sound, light, RF fields, magnetic fields - or even if you're not quite sure of what you need to do to make your process or design work, contact us and we can work out an action plan to bring your designs to life.

Xanatronics systems are designed with the future in mind, with systems being easily updated, whether to accomodate new technology, or updates to your process, we work to not only keep your initial investment low, but also to keep your future costs down as well. Move beyond the plan and into reality. Contact us today.

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