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Frequently Asked Questions

Having been doing business on the web for over 15 years now, there are a number of questions we find that we have been asked a lot. So, we have compiled many of those questions here to help you find the info you are looking for!

To start, I'll answer the number one most frequent question we get, regarding the name Xanatos:

Did you know there's a cartoon with a character named Xanatos?

I do now, but until I did a search of my name back when I first went online with my business, I didn't, and it was quite a surprise! My full name is David Julian Xanatos, and I am not affiliated in any way with the fine cartoon creation of Disney™. I would, however, like to have his apparently limitless financial resources!

Are you affiliated with the Xanatos in <insert state/country name here>?

No, we are not. Here is an excerpt from my legal page:

Xanatos Enterprises is named after the owner and founder, David Julian Xanatos. Xanatos Enterprises was founded in 1996 and has been online at the current address of xanatos.com since May of 1997. Since that time, other businesses have appeared bearing similar names (and in some cases, the same name). Notification is hereby made that David Julian Xanatos, d.b.a. Xanatos, Xanatos Enterprises, Xanatos Enterprises Worldwide, and Xanatos.com, has no affiliation or connection whatsoever with these other organizations. Furthermore, the content and actions of these organizations are the sole responsibility of their owners and operators.

Now... on to the business at hand!

How much will a web site cost me?

Web sites done by Xanatos have run anywhere from as little as $500.00 up to as much as $60,000.00. Web site cost depends on a number of factors, which mostly come down to time. A great majority of web sites can be built fully custom to your needs while using pre-existing resources (templates, stock graphics, etc.). These pre-existing resources, as you might imagine, save me time, and therefore save you money. The average cost of a 5 page site with no special programming features is $650.00. This can include quite a bit of text, links, and images per page, within reason.

How can I help you keep the cost of my site down?

Have all your site copy (text) available electronically, so I don't have to type it. Make sure your graphics (photos, business cards, printed matter of any kind) are of the highest quality you have to save me time in cleaning it up, and if you can make it available electronically, that's even better. Beyond that, I do everything that anyone can to keep your costs as low as possible and still provide you with a very professional, quality, reliable site.

Cost isn't as much an issue as whether you can provide the services we need. What are your capabilities?

Xanatos can do anything you've ever seen on the web before, and even a few things you haven't! We hand code our sites- we write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript/ASP and Perl right from scratch. We have a deep and rich understanding of the underlying code of a web site, and that allows us to create custom form and function tailored to your needs. Unlike many design firms that have to source shopping carts, classified ad systems and other software packages from third party vendors, we write our own, and we know the code intimately, so we can tweak the functions to match your needs exactly. We have the capability to interface our shopping carts to your databases (certain restrictions apply) to allow your web site to not only take customer orders, but to update your inventory as well, in real time! We offer many programs that inform, entertain, interact and make your site a memorable and useful experience. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our clients don't need to take advantage of all the skills we offer, but they are there should you ever need them! Perl, CGI, Shopping Carts, Guest Books, OnLine Classified Ad Systems (affiliate program prequalifier conduits), animation with Macromedia Flash™, custom self-filling forms (using cookies), even web sites where you can update your own information without having to know anything about HTML (commonly called "Content Management Systems") - if you can surf the web, you can keep your online schedules, calendars, or pricelists current from the comfort and convenience of any location you choose.

I waited six months for my last webmaster to update my site, how responsive are you?

We discuss update schedules, frequency and urgency with you up front, and we'll guarantee you an online time for each update. Frequently, updates get online within 24 hours of their receipt, but that varies depending on the size and complexity of the update/change. If we're late, the update's free.

I have my own graphic designers, I just need someone to code their design into a good looking site, can you do that?

Of course! In fact, we have several clients with their own graphics departments who have contracted Xanatos to code the site. Often, these designers will provide a graphic of what the finished site is to look like, with annotations to indicate function (we accept any graphic format for this, including PDF). Xanatos will then take the high-resolution graphics and make the site exactly according to specification, bringing the static design to full motion, functional life.

I don't have ANY graphics for my business, can you help me there?

Sure can. We have libraries with hundreds of stock images, and with over 10 years experience in the premier image manipulation software for the web, Adobe PhotoShop™, we can make custom logos, banners, and graphics of all kinds for your site. We can also make them in high-resolution format for you to take to your printer to have them turned into brochures and business cards, to give your business that polished, professional and successful look you want.

Do you or will you host your own sites?

No, site hosting is extra, and while we recommend some hosts, we understand that many people prefer their website be hosted locally, often with their own ISP with whom they have already established a working relationship. For this reason, we are always watching for good hosting opportunities around the country, and we may be able to recommend someone in your area if you desire. We have no intention of ever hosting sites ourselves, because the rigors of maintaining servers with the extremely high uptime requirements for a web site would take away from our ability to fully focus on web site design.

I have a business, but I don't have a computer, can I still have a web site?

You sure can! Since your site is designed on my computers, and lives on the internet in a Host, or ISP's computer, you don't need a computer to have a site. The issue becomes, how do you get communication from your site? You can direct all inquiries to your phone, and if you have a fax, you can have an email address set up that will output to your fax machine! There's ways around almost everything, just call us for more info!

Troubleshooting Requests

Xanatos will as a matter of course be happy to troubleshoot problems with your site, and if the problem is found to be with code or programs that Xanatos has created, Xanatos will be happy to remedy the situation, at no charge. If, however, the perceived problem is the result of:

  • Settings on your or a site user's personal or company computer;
  • Third party issues, such as those originating with the web site's hosting service, the internet or subparts thereof, or software that was not provided by Xanatos;
  • Software on your or a user's computer that affects the ability of your or said user's computer to display, process, transmit, interpret or operate the web page(s) which Xanatos has created;
  • Any other condition or situation outside of the direct control of Xanatos, i.e., anything other than the code which was written by Xanatos;

such situations will incur the standard rate of $100.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of 1/2 hour's time ($50.00). For this reason it is in your best interest to verify that it is NOT one of the above mentioned conditions prior to requesting that Xanatos remedy the problem. We regret needing to make this notice, but the times have necessitated making it explicit. Should Xanatos choose to waive this clause in working with you on a particular issue, it shall not be interpreted as waiving it for all future time, or in any way waiving or weakening this or any other clause in this document at any time for any reason.

Can you work on the site here at our location?

Yes, within certain limits, I can do on-site work, if it is necessary that I work with others in your organization. This often makes sense in the initial development phase when I am working with other people such as graphic designers, or network admins whose networks and databases the web site might need to tie into. Generally, this on-site work must be limited to one day a week except in extraordinary circumstances. Travel within 50 miles of Wilbraham, MA is at our standard rate of $100.00 per hour. Outside that other travel expenses may apply, call if you should need this service.

Are you interested in doing a porn site? It pays REALLY well!

No, thanks. Which brings me to the point: Xanatos reserves the right to refuse anyone as a client, for any reason, be it ideological, or just because I'm too busy, or whatever... Nothing personal, but if I refuse you, there's no argument.

Do you offer reduced rates for non-profit organizations

I will occasionally donate my services to a cause I believe in, these are usually in the outdoor/environmental fields. I'll listen to any pitch you've got, but generally, I know if I'll do your site gratis as soon as I know what organization you are representing.

What are your terms?

I charge $100.00 per hour, although I will usually work with you to arrive at fixed estimated total for your site which we both can agree on, and I take 50% of that agreed upon price up front, and 50% upon completion, which I define as when the site goes live on the hosting servers under your domain ("dot com") name, unless otherwise agreed upon. Additionally, I reserve the right to request the final payment after 60 days from receipt of the downpayment even if the site is not yet ready to go live should I find myself waiting for materials from you that prevent me from completing the site within that time frame.

What is your refund policy?

I will issue a refund only should I find that I am unable to complete your requests due to my own limitations, be they technical or time. You should be aware that your downpayment to me constitutes a binding promise on me that work will begin on your behalf, usually as soon as that check clears. If, after even a day or two, you should change your mind for any reason, it is likely that I will have already put between one and five hours into your site's development. I charge $100.00 per hour for my work, and once I have done that work, I cannot get that time invested back. Therefore, please understand that your downpayment will not be returned if you should change your mind. I will happly issue you a credit for that work should you wish to resume development at a future date. You should be 100% committed to obtaining my services before issuing the downpayment.

Do you offer training, or will you teach a course at our school?

I don't offer training, but I'd be happy to discuss offering a course in web design at your school, please call me.

If you have a question that we didn't answer above, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with an answer.

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